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Welcome to CRCibernética!

CRCibernética.com is sponsored by Gridshield (Nomadic Solutions S.A.) with the goal to seed and grow the open-source hardware community in Costa Rica by providing a source of fair-priced microcontrollers and related components in our online store.

We are authorized distributors of Arduino.cc, Adafruit and Sparkfun Electronics

We maintain the "Current Stock" levels in real-time, so if you see the item in stock you should be able to be using it in your projects by the next business day.

CRCibernética.com's promise to customers

  • to provide a source of open-source hardware products for Costa Rican inventors in Costa Rica
  • to maintain prices close to US LIST PRICE in Costa Rica
  • to have product ready for local delivery or pickup by the same or next business day.
  • to post the real and actual inventory levels and prices with each product
Please note that we do NOT have a storefront.  We offer several options for pickup or delivery in Costa Rica.