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Mini Tesla Coil Kit 15W (Unassembled)

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Product Description

The Tesla coil is a transformer that operates on the principle of resonance. It was invented by Nicola Tesla who used these coils to carry out innovative experiments, such as electrical lighting, spectral fluorescence, X ray power source, high frequency alternating current phenomenon and radio energy transmission.

This is a DIY Tesla coil kit, which needs to be soldered and assembled by yourself. It is a very interesting small reproduction of a historical scientific experiment.  Using this kit it is possible to produce small amounts of high temperature and high-pressure plasma, ignite paper, transmit wireless signals, and light a fluorescent lamp wirelessly.

The most popular application of this kit is a plasma speaker, a new concept loudspeaker that uses an electric arc to vibrate the air. You can play mobile or computer music, the sound is not very loud.

 24 volt power supply not included.


  • Input voltage: 24 V, using a lower voltage may not work properly.
  • Power consumption: 15 W,
  • Audio input socket: 3.5 mm.
  • Dimensions:
    • PCB: 75*40 mm (length*width),
    • Primary coil: 60 mm (heith). 

Components list: 

Part number Component name PCB Marker Specification Quantity
1 Metal film resistor R1, R4 10 kOhm 2
2 Metal film resistor R3, R5 2 kOhm 2
3 TIP411 Q2 --- 1
4 LED LED1, LED2 --- 2
5 Electrolytic Capacitor C1 1 uFarad 1
6 IRF530 Q1 --- 1
7 Power socket J1 --- 1
8 Primary coil L1 2-3 Turns 1
9 Secondary coil L2 350 Turns 1
10 Copper standoff --- M3*10 mm 4
11 Screw --- M3*6 mm 4
12 Heat sink --- --- 1
13 PCB --- --- 1
14 Audio socket J2 --- 1


See this tutorial to learn more about the assembly process.

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