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MQ4-Gas Sensor

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The MQ-4 gas sensor is specifically designed for the detection of methane gas (CH4). It employs a gas sensing material called two tin oxide (SnO2), which exhibits low electrical conductivity in clean air. However, when exposed to methane gas in the surrounding environment, the sensor's electrical conductivity increases in direct proportion to the concentration of methane gas in the air.

With its high sensitivity to methane, the MQ-4 gas sensor provides reliable and accurate detection of this combustible gas. It is an ideal choice for applications where the monitoring of methane gas is essential. Whether it's for residential, industrial, or commercial purposes, this cost-effective sensor can be used in family homes, factories, or any environment where methane gas detection is required.

Please note that the MQ-4 gas sensor is primarily intended for methane gas detection and may not provide optimal sensitivity for other types of combustible gases. Safety precautions and guidelines provided by the manufacturer should always be followed when using the MQ-4 gas sensor or any gas detection equipment.

Trust the MQ-4 gas sensor to provide dependable and efficient methane gas detection within a range of 300 to 10,000 ppm. Ensure the safety of your environment with this reliable and easy-to-use sensor


  • Input voltage: DC5V power (current): 150mA 
  • With DO switch signal (TTL) output and AO analog signal output.
    • DO output: TTL number 0 and 1 (0.1 and 5V) 
    • AO output: 0.1-0.3V (relative no pollution), the highest concentration of about 4V 

Special reminder: When the MQ-4 gas sensor is powered on, it requires a preheating time of 20 seconds before accurate data measurements can be obtained and stable output can be achieved. Please note that the preheating process is necessary due to the internal electric heating wire of the sensor. If the sensor feels hot during operation, it is considered normal and part of its normal functioning.


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